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DK (Dorling Kindersley)

DK Eyewitness Workbooks Human Body (Book with dot marking)

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Popular history, science, and geography topics brought out of the classroom and into your home with fast facts, activities, and quizzes.

Some subjects are too interesting to be left at school! Carry on your love of science and anatomy at home with Human Body, an activity-packed exploration of how our bodies work.

Divided into sections, the book starts with fast facts on topics including the skeleton, muscles, brain and nerves, the senses, heart, and digestion; and ends with charts of body organ facts and record breakers. Using this information, you can complete the puzzles in the main part of the book, plus there are hands-on activities such as watching your muscles work, testing your reflexes, and seeing how two eyes work together. Finally, test your newfound knowledge with the quick quizzes (with answers supplied). You can keep track of your achievements throughout with a star chart to fill in every time you finish a page.