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Joy!: God's Secret Weapon for Every Believer by Georgian Banov

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Experience God's Joy Daily!

Have you settled for less than unspeakable joy in your life's journey? The Holy Spirit is challenging you to expect more--a lot more!

Georgian Banov knew nothing of this supernatural joy. Born and raised under the oppression of atheist and Communist Bulgaria, he escaped miraculously to the United States, where he was embraced by the warmth and love of the "Jesus people." Encountering God, along with the truth of His Word and the ongoing work of the Spirit, has led him to a life of freedom and holy joy.

In these pages, Georgian will help you

· become a friend of God and know Him as an affectionate Father

· discover performance-free grace in the fullness of what Christ has done

· put an end to religious striving and self-effort

· find victory over the power of sin so you can be both holy and happy

· be the hands and feet of Jesus accomplishing His justice in the world

Joy is not some nice-to-have "bonus" of the Christian faith. With Jesus living inside you through the Spirit, you can experience the bliss of God's presence as you walk out your calling with purpose and power!

"Wow! I love this book, this man and this message!"--from the foreword by Bill Johnson