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Evolution: Why Did Fish Grow Feet

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Format: Paperback

Publisher: Tick Tock

EAN: 9781783251360

Evolution: why did fish grow feet? is a fun, non-fiction narrative story of evolution. Rodent narrator Nippy takes us on a journey through time, looking at the events on our planet, from the first stages of life to our own appearance on Earth. This is a fun, informative and accessible book through which children can discover how our planet and the wonderful diverse creatures that have lived on it evolved. It has all the great animals that kids love to see and read about - from giant Sauroposeidons, to fierce Velociraptors and the mighty early mammals. Every animal is put into context using a fun and revealing timeline, which shows when each group of creatures lived on our planet and when they met their demise. A brilliant book for children to learn how our planet came to life, showing them all the major changes to our Earth through the last 700 million years+.
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