VIVI Classics - The Little PrInce

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Format: Hardcover

Publisher: VIVI Classics

EAN: 9788182529571

The Little Prince recounts the relationship between an adult and a child. The adult is an aviator who has crash landed in the Sahara desert. The child is a golden-haired prince who has arrived on Earth after taking a circuitous route from his home on a distant asteroid. The prince’s tales of sheep and baobab trees and roses and the inhabitants of miniscule planets reveal many truths about the absurdness of the adult world. Caroline Gourmand’s beautiful new illustrations enhance a text which oscillates between narrative and dialogue, and between the language of an adult and the language of a child. It is truly unfortunate that we can never know how Antoine de Saint Exupéry would have wanted his book to be interpreted, but he has graciously bequeathed us with the simplest of means to reflect on life, love and mortality.
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