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Reset Your Mind, Body and Spirit : A Survivor’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

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This is the real story of a high-profile professional who kept grasping at straws trying to find the reasons for:
Feeling stressed all the time because of life’s everyday uncertainties
Becoming emotionally and physically drained and losing interest in things that needed to be done
Seeing himself as a perennial underachiever, both on the professional as well as personal fronts
Being unable to imagine a life where he could ever be happy

When every doctor and every medicine failed, Mandeep S. Jalota decided to hold a mirror to his mind and started a trial-and-error approach to feel happy. This is an ordinary man who went to extraordinary lengths to extricate himself from the never-ending spiral of anxiety and depression.

This survivor’s guide is a result of those five years of struggle and details the methods that might actually work for you based on the author’s own as well as others’ experiences. Here, you will learn:
how to relieve the symptoms of general anxiety disorder and OCD;
about happiness chemicals and how to hack them;
how to recognize your mind traps and tackle them;
that visualizing happiness and diary-writing indeed works;
that mental health is physical too, and how to heal yourself;
how to switch to a wonder diet for a happy brain;
about the physical activities that will act as an anti-depressant;
secrets that nobody tells you about sleep;
about neuroscience concepts from the patient’s perspective;
…and much more.

Reset Your Mind, Body and Spirit depicts a straightforward way to lead a happy and fulfilled life!