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Empowering You Beyond Birthing

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Are you soon going to become a parent?

Are you anxious on what all can go wrong?

Is the anxiety making you feel guilty?

Being a new parent comes with a lot of challenges especially when you are a first-time parent. Your newborn can give you an experience of a roller-coaster ride with frequent crying, the unexpected demands for feed, doctor’s visits, vaccinations and lots more. Childbearers usually focus on the pre- and during-pregnancy care but more often than not, post-birthing care gets ignored. Since this is where raising a new member within your family begins, this book will help you power through this experience in its entirety and make you more ready for the unknown challenges. It helps you maintain a balance between who you are and what is expected out of you as new parents.

Written by a maternal child wellness coach, Empowering You Beyond Birthing seeks to help couples understand how together they can give the best to their little one right from the beginning. Dr Mahima Bakshi has written this guide to ease the qualms of expecting parents and help them manoeuvre through the possible bumps in the journey of being equal, reliable and modern parents.