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HINGE: (Re)Discovering Emotional and Mental Wellness

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Hinge addresses, simply and elegantly, the complex working of emotions, to better understand their cause and effect.
—Cyrus P Mistry, Business Leader
In an era of remarkable change and uncertainty, this book focuses on hinges of emotional and mental wellness. Presented in three sections, it explores how the inner may fragment and what may help in making it whole, again.
Section I scans largely the ecosphere of ‘Normal’ in, though not limited to, the Indian context. Section II probes social and psychological triggers to emotions that cause inner strain and distress. Section III observes what within us, when processed, may shift to hinge us back again to a sense of onward flow, stable and centred.
Drawing on the author’s extensive research for films on anger, biotechnology and depression, professional and personal notes on patterns of mind over two decades, as well as inferring from India’s centuries-old tradition of the mind, this book will help readers in unravelling deeper layers within, for their own wellness and for those who surround them.