KM Word Problems Grade 3

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Format: Paperback

Publisher: Kumon Publishing

EAN: 9781934968628

A math program based on the Kumon method. Basically, the earmarks of this system are:

• Concepts introduced in small, incremen tal steps, allowing children to master them without confusion

• Single topic books rather than mixed strands. Children concentrate just on addition, for example, before moving to subtraction

• Concepts are taught by discovery method than being spelled out

The series is meant to be self-directed. Students take charge of their own learning on every level. They complete pages, check their work, record their scores, and determine whether to move on or review. The pace almost guarantees success. Children should work a “few” pages a day; assignments should take about 20 minutes to complete. Pages are marked with the skill level required at top and the points each question is valued at (a very young child will need some help totaling points). Very short i

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Math Skills