Everything You Need To Know About Inventions

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Who wore the first pair of glasses? When was the first newspaper printed? Who took the first photograph? Where was the first phone call made? And, in more recent history, who sent the first e-mail? Find answers to all these questions and more in Everything You Need to Know About Inventions!

From the wheel to the world wide web, this fascinating book covers everything from major science and technology breakthroughs to quirkier creations like Teflon. You’ll learn about the steam engine, the telephone, and the light bulb from the informative and illuminating text. Organized chronologically, Everything You Need to Know About Inventions will make you marvel at the inventions you see every day like the refrigerator, the television, and the tea bag.

It’s the world’s most creative ideas from its most innovative geniuses--and it’s everything you’ll ever need to know about inventions!
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ÿMichael Heatley