1000 Phonics Flash Cards For Beginners

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Mind to Mind's uniquely designed 64-Packed-Flash Cards will allow the young learner to grasp 1000 phonetic words within a short period of time.

Other than being a 'tongue-twister', the flash cards allow the child to study, pronounce and memorise the words on the cards easily. An interesting visual is placed on the top left-hand side of the card to depict one word. Parents are required here to give a helping hand in defining other words that need explanation.

The young learner can use these cards as a day-to-day activity and practise reading and pronouncing the given words correctly. This will eventually assist them to master the early rhyming of words.

More importantly, the flash cards will make learning Phonics fun and lively. It will no doubt act as a perfect introductory tool for the growing child who will be taking his or her first step into the world of Phonetics.



Mind to Mind
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