W0L Tin Set: The Human Body

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These engaging and educational tin sets are a fantastic aid to learning containing a toy, a poster and an A5 omnibus.

Introduce youngsters to the fascinating world of the human body with this compact Discover The Human Body educational set. Learn about the fascinating nervous system, your senses, your heart and much more amazing anatomy facts in the colourful illustrated booklet.

Did you know that it takes 17 muscles in your face for you to smile, but it takes 43 muscles for you to frown - so keep smiling with this interesting information!

As well as reading through the captivating booklet, you can also build your very own model skeleton by following the easy instructions to piece it together. Accompanying this are two large posters of the anterior and posterior view of the human body. Both coloured and labelled, youngsters will learn the anatomy of the human body in no time! This is the perfec

North Parade Publishing
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Tin Set
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