Science Made Easy with Doodles

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Format: Spiral

Publisher: Harvest Edutainment

EAN: 9789811128332

The best-selling 'Science Made Easy with Doodles' is a unique pictorial companion guide to the current MOE Science syllabus that extrapolates all the important core concepts and synthesizes them in visually appealing ways for students to understand.

Science Made Easy with Doodles is the complete set of 18 doodles, for the nine Lower Primary and nine Upper Primary Science units in the 2014 MOE Science Curriculum.

This original and age-appropriate series makes science concepts less abstract and easily digestible for the average learner, with important concepts in the MOE Science curriculum presented clearly and succinctly.

The doodle package

- highlights and summarizes key teaching points comprehensively

- is specially designed to consolidate quick and easy revision of every topic at a glance

- presents infogr

Harvest Edutainment
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