Empower Your Problem-Solving Skills P4

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Some common feedback from maths teachers:

  • Students consider maths as one of their ‘hardest’ subjects..
  • Students forget about maths concepts from year to year..
  • Students can’t solve maths problems..
  • Students only feel confident with a ‘ready-made recipe’.

Does your child or student face the same difficulty in learning maths?

Exams, tests and quizzes aimed at students to produce correct answers, only highlight their ability to show how maths processes work, but do not shed light on the deeper meaning of why a different process may work better. The objective of this book is to ensure that conceptual and procedural knowledge exists on a learning continuum and not dealt with separately.

Students will develop improved problem-solving skills and confidence with the concepts and strategies they learn from Empower Your Problem-Solving Skills series. grid provided gives students space to plan and organise their work before starting on their writing. It also includes a checklist to help budding writers include greater detail in their work as they move through the paragraphs.

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Edlynn Rose & Grace Yet